Scottish Style Meatballs

Still so hot you can see the steam rising off them. Oh and I bet you’re wondering what the black bits are!


My hubbie loves looking in the bargain or reduced section in supermarkets for…. well a bargain mainly cuts of meat or some sort of meat produce. He loves finding pork, lamb and venison, as these are meats that I don’t like, so obviously don’t eat. I think he feels quite extravagant buying full price cuts of meat just for himself, so buying from the bargain section means he gets away with buying a rack of lamb for himself!

Anyway, he bought himself some venison meatballs a few weeks ago and ferreted these away in the freezer. Last night was the night he was going to cook these, however I took it upon myself to cook these for him coming home in from work so he could then go for a wee jog before supper. Also I won’t eat Bambi, but unlike lamb I can at least stand the smell of cooking Bambi.

I fried the Bambi ( sorry venison ) meatballs in some olive oil in a frying pan for about 12 minutes, until golden brown and with no pink on the inside when I opened one up, all the while feeling like I was cheating  using meatballs that I didn’t make myself.

Whilst the meatballs were frying, I decided to make a sauce for the meatballs just using a basic sauce I would normally use for meat for a lasagne or Bolognese.

I chopped a clove of garlic, half an onion ( just because there was half an onion to be used up in the fridge), half a sweet pepper , as well as some left over red pepper ( same reason as the onion) and a couple of spring onions ( Ditto).

In a saucepan I heated up some olive oil, then added the onion and garlic, sautéed for a few minutes then I added the peppers and spring onions. I continued to sauté until peppers slightly more softened then I added a tin of chopped tomatoes ( about 4oog) and a vegetable stock cube ( I like to use the Knorr Vegetable stock pot) and stirred into the mixture until dissolved.

I think I’ll need to develop my photography skills of taking pics of very hot cooking food. This is the tomato sauce.


I wanted a bit of heat to the sauce, so I added some chilli flakes. Now I had intended to use a small amount, a pinch really however instead of taking a pinch out the jar or using my pinch spoon ( yes, I have a small spoon that gives the amount of a pinch that’s kinda sad isn’t it?) I tipped the jar over the pan to sprinkle straight from the jar, yeahhh well it was a bit of a whoops moment when a lot came out of the jar. Total rookie mistake. I would say it was probably slightly over 1/4 teaspoon, maybe not as much as half a teaspoon. I tasted it and immediately my mouth started to burn, I reckoned ( with fingers crossed) that it would be ok for hubbie as he likes spice and I tend to be a wimp. If its hot for me its fine for him…. hopefully.

I also added some basil ( I used dried as this was all I had) about a teaspoon and some salt and pepper. I then simmered this whilst the meatballs continued to fry. Once the meatballs were ready I then added them to the sauce and continued to simmer until the sauce had reduced. This was about a further 10 minutes.

I had no spaghetti, but I had giant pasta shells, rigatoni, macaroni and tagliatelle. After considering and quickly dismissing the idea of stuffing giant pasta shells with meatballs I settled on tagliatelle and cooked as per packet instructions.

I was feeling very efficient as supper was cooked before 4:30pm. Hubbie then came in, decided not to go for a jog. He had prior to this told me I needed to force him (not sure how a 5’1 petite girl can force a 5’10 rugby player) to go jogging twice a week, so I attempted some motivational ( maybe slightly aggressive) encouragement. However, he is very good at “puppy dog” eyes and I quickly gave into his compromise. His compromise was, he had already been jogging this week as well as rugger training and he would start jogging twice a week next week.  Not sure that’s a compromise.

Anyway, he was happy not to have to go jogging and happy his supper was cooked. But to my utter confusion he then starts the grill up and removes black pudding and Square ( Lorne) sausage from the fridge.

Me: ” Erm honey what’re you doing”

Hubbie:”I was going to have square sausage and black pudding along with the meatballs and also leave some for my pieces tomorrow”

To my utter horror and amazement he proceeded to cook the sausage and black pudding, then he chopped some of it up and added them to the meatballs and slightly ( ok maybe a lot) spicy tomato sauce on top of tagliatelle noodles.

Throughout watching this process I couldn’t make up my mind about whether my husband was actually an evil food genius or seriously deranged or both. But one thing was for sure, this could only happen in Scotland and will forever be known in our house as Scottish Style Meatballs.

P.S. In case you’re wondering he thought it was delicious and it wasn’t too spicy after all.

P.P.S. Also Lorne Sausage or Square Sausage is basically ground sausage meat in a square. Sorry I didn’t take any pics of this.

P.P.P.S. Sorry if this post has offended anyone’s food sensibilities, it certainly offended mine!!

Award Winning Lantern Tray Bake


What is Lantern Tray bake in case you wondering? Well, the only answer is that it’s the nectar of the gods that’s what it is. It has digestives, glace cherries, raisins, butter, condensed milk and lots and lots of chocolate in it and over it. What more do you need in a tray bake?

Why is it called Lantern? I’m not too sure. It one of the life’s mysteries. However, if someone does know why it’s called this I would love to know.

Award Winning?  Well, maybe not award winning, but it did get a Highly commended after I entered it into the ‘No Bake Tray Bake’ Class at my Local Agricultural Show! Given that I received this not long after having really taken up baking and cooking with enthusiasm I was very chuffed. Not bad for a newbie.

In fact, the Agri Show is really how I ended up with this recipe as I had been looking for a No Bake Tray Bake recipe that was slightly different. I kinda though a lot of people would enter the usual, Rocky Road and I didn’t want to go down that road ( See what I did??) A friends mum recommended this and provided me with the recipe from her recipe book (which I’m pretty sure it holds all the world secrets). Thanks Mary.

Here is the Proof!


The ingredients I needed were already in my store cupboard so by making this recipe it actually helped me to get the door closed for once! ( well until the next trip to the shops, I may have a slight problem with buying lots of baking goods).

I remembered to include butter in the pic!



8oz chocolate ( now I use milk chocolate but I bet it would taste fab with dark chocolate too!)

6oz Butter

I can only get condensed milk in 397 gram tins, however you will only need half of this. The original recipe stated “a small tin of condensed milk” but in the Supermarket I could only see the 397g tin and initially thought this was the small tin. Well, let just say when I made this for the very first time the mixture was very wet and needed to be kept in the fridge all the time in order for it to be solid enough to eat a piece. It was still yummy, but yeah don’t use the whole tin! You will only need half the tin of condensed milk which will be about 198g

You will also need 16oz digestives , 8oz Raisins, 4oz glace cherries (chopped).

And Yes, some more chocolate about 10 oz . “If you like a lot chocolate on your biscuit join our clubRemember that advert for Club biscuits, well this is my mantra for this recipe!

So in a reasonable size pan, melt the 8oz of chocolate and 6oz of butter over a low heat. Whilst this is melting, use a rolling pin and bash the digestives into some fine crumbs but rein in the aggression a bit as you should also leave some larger bits of biscuit too.

Once the chocolate and butter mix is melted, add the digestives then the raisins, chopped cherries and finally the condensed milk and mix them all together.

I then pressed the mixture into a 9x13x2 baking tray and melted the remaining 10oz chocolate over a bain-maire or simply put, in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. I then poured the melted chocolate over the top of the mixture in the tray. Now you don’t need to use all the chocolate ( or you could use more if you have a deeper tin), I love a lot of chocolate so I like the chocolate to not only cover the mixture but to have some depth to it, however I’m some what restricted as my tray isn’t that deep.

This will need to go into the refrigerator overnight until the chocolate is set. Then simply cut into squares, make yourself a cuppa tea  and enjoy.


Afterwards I got some help with “cleaning” the pans from my hubbie. He is really good at “washing up”!!

Eating the remaining mixture from the pan.

Ticky Toffee Time



I love getting invited to dinner. I love meeting up with my friends. I love gossiping over lovely meals. I love getting new meal ideas and recipes. I love drinking ( well in my case now drinking non-alcoholic beers and wines).I also love making food for friends, so whenever my hubbie and I get invited for dinner I always offer to make something to bring along, whether its a starter, side or dessert.

We were invited to our friends house for dinner the other night I immediately offered my dessert making services, which was quickly, and I think gratefully accepted.  I then realised that this dessert was not going to be as straight forward as it usually is. This was because as one of our party of friends has a lot of food intolerances, one of them being ….. ……………now you will have to prepare for the shock and then once you are over the shock get ready to give him lots of sympathy as I can’t imagine not having this food in my life…………………………………………………………..he is unable to eat……. the nectar of the gods…. unable to eat…. heaven in a wrapper…… unable to enjoy Easter to its full potential….. he is unable to eat Chocolate. Yup chocolate!

He is unable to eat the component of a lot or definitely most of the desserts I can make. So, I discounted my chocolate meringue, my chocolate mouse, my Guinness cake, my chocolate orange cheesecake.

Given that I’m still new to cooking, I’m not quite an incompetent cook, but I wouldn’t say I was competent, I’d probably describe myself as more ridiculously enthusiastic but lacking in some skills, so this dessert was going to be a challenge………Challenge accepted.

I immediately thought of Pies. He should be able to have pies…. right? However, he is also unable to eat  orange, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots so that discounted using any of these fruits in a pie.

Strawberry Pretzel pie alla Pioneer woman! He can have strawberries so he should be able to have this… yeah … no he is also unable to have potato, corn, maize, soya and flours derived from this so no corn starch or corn syrup. Bye Bye Strawberry Pretzel Pie and Pecan Pie.

Apple pie!! He can have Apple Pie!Sorry, whilst I love apple pie and apple crumble I thought these were too boring for a dinner party. (However I will admit this was the backup plan).

I was at the point where I had all my recipe books out and was frantically flicking through them trying to find a recipe without any of the “no go” ingredients, when my hubby randomly mutters that he thinks he has seen our friend eat Sticky Toffee Pudding (well he actually said Ticky Toffee Pudding as this is what its know as in our house).

Now, I have made Ticky Toffee Pudding before using a Nigella recipe, and whilst hubby gave it the thumbs up, it wasn’t what we would call Ticky Toffee Pudding. The recipe used dark muscovado sugar making it taste like treacle however the pudding we think of should taste of toffee. This made me think that there may be differences between how the English make Ticky Toffee Pudding and how the Scottish make it. I would love to hear from someone if they know more about this. The bonus of the recipe was that it contained no ingredients that our friend was unable to eat.

So Ticky Toffee Pudding it was, however I now needed to either use the Nigella recipe and substitute Brown sugar instead of dark muscovado or find another recipe. Well, I then discovered a recipe that was apparently the original recipe written by the Chef who made Ticky Toffee Pudding first. Given that this recipe was supposed to have originated from a hotel called the Udny Arms in Aberdeenshire, and given that I am too originally from Aberdeenshire, I decided I needed to give it a go.

So I needed…………..    1/4 lb butter, 3/4lb caster sugar, 2 eggs, 1 lb Self Raising Flour, 8 oz dates, 1tsp bicarbonate soda, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 1 pint boiling water and also 1/2lb butter, 1lb brown sugar, 1 pint double cream for the sauce.

Oops no butter as again its sitting softening on the window sill


First, cream the 1/4 lb butter and 3/4lb caster sugar together until light and fluffy, then gradually beat in the 2 eggs and 1 tsp vanilla. Fold in all the flour. Now I attempted to fold the flour in by hand, but it was taking ages so I placed it back onto the mixer stand. It was at this point I got worried as the mixture was dry and lumpy. Anyway I went on……..

I placed the dates and bicarbonate soda in a bowl and covered with the boiling water. The recipe stated that when the water had been absorbed to then add the dates to the butter/ sugar mixture. However, the dates didn’t really absorb the water. Did the water have to be completely absorbed? I wasn’t sure, but no more water was going to be absorbed so again with trepidation I forged ahead and dumped the dates and water into the mixture and mixed until combined.

Ahhhh haaaaa ( Alan Partridge Style), the mixture obviously needed the water/ date mixture to come together. I then added this heavenly mixture to a buttered  casserole dish, I had excess mixture as my dish only measured 10×7 so I added the remaining to two ramekins. I then placed the casserole dish into an oven at 180°C for 35 minutes. However I ended up cooking this for a further 15 minutes covered in tinfoil for the last 10 minutes to prevent it getting burnt. The ramekens took less time, about 25 minutes.

Then the remaining ingredients, the 1/2lb butter, 1lb butter and 1 pint of double cream are placed in a saucepan over a medium heat and brought to a boil. Yummy Yummy Yummy, do not eat straight from pan as its really really hot, so allow to cool a little. SAM_5703

This was all loaded up in the car  ( wedged behind my seat) for the journey to our friends house, about 1 hours and 30 mins. It was really easy to forget that I had precious cargo and often drove slightly faster until hubby prompted me to slow down. I did not want caramel sauce all over my car.

I didn’t get pics of the Ticky Toffee whilst at my friends house, but we kept the Ramekins for ourselves ( cooks perks) and devoured them the next night. Delish! If you like toffee and incredibly sweet desserts this is the one for you.

Over Thirties shopping……



So yesterday I went shopping. No not clothes shopping, not shoe shopping or even handbag shopping…… I went shopping for Utensils! Yup utensils and not just any utensil, I went Whisk shopping.

You see, I seem to have come to a point in my life where I love shopping for kitchenware, and bakeware. Maybe it’s because I am now in my thirties. My twenty-year old self and even my 27 year old self certainly would have certainly recoiled in horror at the thought of shopping for any kitchenware and if they had had to do it they definitely would not have taken any enjoyment from it. In fact, I know they would have left it up to my other half, dumping him in the nearest kitchen section of Tesco and immediately finding the nearest Topshop.

It could also be because I have now taken an interest in actually cooking food, recipes and baking and derive enjoyment from doing this now. Hence, I need proper and good quality (no more cheap kitchenware from Tesco!) equipment to be able to be accurate with recipes and to actually do specific cooking techniques and steps in recipes and also to try and do it well. One of the reasons my first major purchase at the beginning of my baking journey was a free standing electric mixer!

Also I have found that there are some really pretty, colourful and jazzy kitchenware and bakeware ranges available. I love browsing the kitchen section of TK Maxx to find different and cute kitchenware, often getting good brands at bargain prices. I’m no longer looking for bargain shoes but bargain Le Creuset!

I have even come to the point that I love receiving kitchenware as gifts. Now, I remember my hubbie telling me a story that used to horrify me. It was about when his father went to an  Agricultural show for the day leaving his mum ( who was pregnant with one of his brothers) at home. To his credit, his father brought her home a present……….. a brand new frying pan. Apparently she was over the moon with this frying pan present and still has it to this day .  When I heard this story for the first time, at 18 years old I made it clear to my hubbie ( well he was my boyfriend at the time)  that this type of present would not fly with me.  Well well well changed days since then, as I was over the moon when I received two pretty storage cake tins filled with baking ingredients for my birthday and an apron and skillet for my Christmas

So, Whisk shopping……… I have a fab whisk already. It’s a Jamie Oliver stainless steel balloon whisk and we actually got it as part of a set for a wedding gift. 5 years later it is still going strong and I use it for everything from whisking eggs in measuring jugs, cheese sauce in saucepans and ingredients for pancakes in mixing bowls.

I love my whisk , not as much as I love my hubbie, but it’s getting pretty close. However, I have found it cannot be in two places at the same time!  I often find myself using it, placing it to be washed then realising I need a whisk for another component of a recipe. This means I have to stop what I’m doing and wash the whisk in order to use it, which I find quite frustrating.

Is it just me that feels like this? Or are you thinking, “lazy besom”?

I may well be, but when I’m in my cooking zone ( similar to the danger zone) I have a system and being new to cooking I feel better following my system e,g Having all my ingredients measured out in bowls prior to starting and having all my equipment laid out and within reaching distance.  I just want to get on with what I’m doing without interruption as there is enough that can go wrong with my cooking without being distracted over not having a clean whisk to hand!

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant!

Anyways, in my local town there is a cool shop that sells funky, quirky, and innovative kitchen ware and utensils.  I could live in this shop. I could buy everything in this shop. So this was where I headed to yesterday to purchase my back up whisk.  I had had my heart set on another stainless steel balloon whisk, after all why change a a habit of a lifetime..… well a habit of 5 years. But the lovely woman in the shop then introduced me to the Joseph Joseph Twist 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk and I found I just had to have one.

Why did I have to have one?

Doesn’t quite go with the rest of the Utensils!


Well, 1) because it is basically two whisks in one, a flat whisk and a balloon whisk so covers all types of whisking from sauces to egg whites.

2) It can be easily stored in a drawer, so if you are like me and have small kitchen where space is at premium and your utensil jar is overflowing this should be ideal.

3) It is also supposed to be able to heat resistant to 270°celsuis.

4) oh it is pretty [ and] colourful!

5) I’m pretty susceptible to advertising. I can’t watch an advert without immediately wanting the food or product being advertised, I’m a marketers dream.

Is it sad that I’m kinda excited to start using this?  But at the same time I don’t want to use it as I like to keep my stuff looking pretty and new. I remember a time when I used to be like this with my new shoes!

See if you can spot the Whisk in my future posts. A bit like  ” Where’s Wally?”

**** Please note I have no association with Joseph Joseph nor anything to do with  advertising.  This is merely the whisk I ended up purchasing ****

Valentines Day, DONE.

Guinness Cake with Strawberries and a little bit of cream ( I don’t like too much)

My hubbie and I don’t tend to celebrate Valentines day, and we rarely get each other cards and prezzies or go out for a romantic meal. We figure we can go out any other time of the year, and we don’t need a specific day to tell each other , ” I love you”.

However, this year I did ask what my hubbie wanted for supper and said I would do all the cooking.  So he decided on Pulled Pork, Crash Potatoes, Broccoli and Cauliflower bake followed by Guinness Cake. I had never made Pulled Pork or Guiness cake before so this was going to be interesting. I’m not that confident in cooking large cuts of meat, but here we go….

I used a recipe by Pioneer Woman for Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork. However, I could not get a hold of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce at short notice ( I noted that you can buy this on Amazon however it would not have been delivered on time) and I trawled the internet looking for substitutes and was not really happy with substitute suggestions I found. So I decided to see what my local supermarket had to offer, but wasn’t really holding my breath as my local Tesco is pretty poor for choices. However,  I spotted a Spicy Chipotle chilli sauce by Wahaca Mexican Street food ( 150ml bottle) and decided to use this instead.

Preheat Oven to 150°C. I cut half an onion into quarters and placed it in the bottom of a dutch oven/ casserole dish, then placed a small pork loan joint on top (There was only the two of us, so this will do for 2 nights of meals for us).

Sorry, there isn’t a lot of photos taken during the cooking stage as 1) my camera was covered with chocolate from the Guinness Cake 2) the cooking of the pulled pork was pretty simple ( even for me).

I then covered the joint with some salt and black pepper then poured the chipotle chilli sauce all over the joint. I followed this with a 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper, then covered with the lid and placed in the oven.

I checked it every hour and turned every hour for about 4 hours. Half way through I added more Dr Pepper, about 250mls as the sauce was drying up a little.

After it came out of the oven I used two forks and pulled it apart ( oh and cut off the string that was holding it together you don’t want to eat that!).

Oh my goodness how yummy is this?
This was my husbands portion that he served himself ( I was on the phone and he couldn’t wait for me to come off the phone and serve it and make it look pretty). He is a farmer and rugby player so he does need the calories!

The Guinness Cake

I made this the night before, using a Nigella Recipe.

Melted chocolate and butter

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Then add 250ml of Guinness  (you could probably use any stout or Ale ) to a pan along with 250 grams of butter and heat on low until butter melted.

Whisk in 75 grams of cocoa powder and 400 grams of caster sugar.

In a separate jug I mixed the 142ml sour cream, 2 eggs and 1 tablespoon of vanilla and then added to the Guinness/butter mixture.

Finally I whisked in the 275 grams flour and 2 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda.

Sour cream/egg/vanilla mixture combined with chocolate/butter

I poured the mixture into a 9 inch springform pan that was greased and lined. However I did not have enough baking paper, so instead of cutting a circle piece and a separate piece for the sides I had to use one square and crunch it into the tin covering the bottom and sides. Hence the not so smooth sides of the cake that you can see!

My husband then “cleaned “the pan for me and by that I mean he sat on the sofa watching the Six Nations while scraping/ eating the chocolate/Guinness Mixture from the pan!

This was placed in the oven for 45 minutes, however after this time it wasn’t ready so I placed back in for another 7 minutes until the cake tester ( or knife) came out clean. Although when I took mine out it sagged in the middle, not sure why it does th?? Oh well, I was covering it in icing anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Ready for the Oven

I then left the cake to cool and started on the icing for the top.


300 grams of cream cheese, whipped in a mixing bowl, then 150 grams of icing sugar was sifted over the top of the mixture and then beaten together. 125 ml double cream was added and the mixture was again beaten together until mixture was of a consistency that I would spread on top of the cake.

This was a really simple recipe to make, even for an incompetent cook like myself and it tasted lovely and looked fairly impressive ( if I do say so myself). I would recommend this if you want an easy simple quick cake that still has a bit of wow about it

I served this cake with strawberries and cream in front of a roaring fire. Very romantic!

The New and Less Talented Mary Berry

I received ‘The Great British Bake Off Celebrations’ cookbook for my Christmas from one of my very good friends, Rosie. Although,  I must admit I have never actually watched the programme….. sorry I feel really un-British saying that, haters don’t hate please! Anyway I decided to give some of the recipes a go and given that in my store cupboard I had Whisky, dried fruit, whisky, nuts, whisky and eggs I settled on the  Whisky, Fruit and Nut Cake.

I’m a messy baker so to prevent any more of my cookbooks getting covered with flour, sugar and egg gunk I use this lovely vintage style recipe holder. It also serves to pretty up the kitchen.


Here are the ingredients, minus the butter as that is currently sat softening on the window ledge (I always forget to take this out the fridge in advance!). The recipe called for caster sugar, however I only had granulated sugar. The nuts I used were pecans and walnuts and I used raisins, sultanas and craisins ( cranberries and raisins mix.) I used cinnamon in this however the recipe called for Mace but ISAM_5551.JPG had none available.

I raided our alcohol cupboard (also the laundry room) and decided to use Balvenie Caribbean Cask Whisky …. But Shhhh DO NOT TELL my husband, as last time I used this whisky in my BBQ sauce he went “ off his nut” ( as he would say) and rambled about how it’s his good whisky, not for cooking with and it tastes better from a glass than in food. Hence, why I also used Yamazaki Japanese whisky.

Preheat your oven to 180°C/ 350°F.

I put the 225g of butter ( once it was kinda of softened, I should probably have waited longer but I was impatient) into my wee blue mixer and mixed until creamy. Then I added 225g sugar until the mixture of light and fluffy. Then I beat 4 eggs along with 1 tablespoon of Balvenie Whisky and 2 tablespoons of Yamazaki Whisky in a separate bowl/jug   I then added this slowly to the butter mixture, beating well.  Mary Berry advises to keep 2 tablespoons of flour (out of the total amount of 225g self-raising) and add these two tablespoons with the last two tablespoons of egg to prevent curdling.

Well Mary……. This doesn’t look like it didn’t curdle… does it?



Anyhow forging on, in a separate bowl I combined the dried fruit (total of about 95g of raisins, craisins and sultanas depending on how heavy handed you are whilst measuring) with the chopped walnuts and pecans (about total of 100g) and I covered with a tablespoon of flour ( again from the total flour measured out).

I sifted the remaining flour with a ¼ teaspoon of Nutmeg and ¼ teaspoon of Cinnamon, then folded this into the butter/egg mixture. I then added the fruit and nuts, combined and then poured into a silicone loaf tin (2lb) and popped into the oven.

Now the recipe stated to cook for between 40 to 45 minutes, however when I looked at it at the 40 min mark, it wasn’t ready. I left it for another 5 minutes, however it still wasn’t ready so I put this in for another 5 minutes then my husband came in for this lunch and then I gave it another 5 mins. In my oven it took 55 minutes (although I am not convinced my oven is working properly)

I didn’t manage to cool this cake down before serving as about 5 minutes after it came out the Oven my husband wanted a bit with his cuppa tea. Hence the photo with the chunk out of the end!




Welcome to my blog, dedicated to my foray into the new hobby of baking and cooking for enjoyment ( and not just because I have to in order to eat!). I had never ever enjoyed cooking before and saw it as a chore. It wasn’t until 2015 , when I started recuperating from an illness , an illness that meant I couldn’t stand the sight or smell let alone the taste of food without vomting, that I started to take a genuine interest in cooking for fun and enjoyment and actually learning how to cook. I suppose having not been physically able to “stomach” food for months, once I was able to eat again I wasn’t taken it for granted again.

I stay in a cottage on a farm with my husband, so my new hobby served to prevent boredom, when I was unable to go out and about whilst recuperating. It also made my hubby happy as he got lots of lovely ( and sometimes not so lovely) cakes at his teatime!

My Wee Blue Mixer! She’s a beaut.


My first purchase was an electric standing mixer. I coveted a KitchenAid, but decided to start small and inexpensive in case the mixer got relegated to the hobby cupboard. You know the cupboard that has the tennis rackets, rollerblades, guitar, glue gun and beads, the cupboard where hobbies go to die. However, I’m holding out hope that I will eventually upgrade to a fabulous KichenAid mixer. As you can probably guess the mixer I bought is blue, hence the name of my blog.

I attempt recipes from my favourite cooks such as Nigella, Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa , and also traditional recipes I have been received from friends/ relatives, as well as ones I have made up myself. But don’t expect a perfect blog, that’s not the aim. My kitchen disasters (along with my kitchen successes) will also be named and shamed for all time!

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I hope I will,

Love Kelly xx