Award Winning Lantern Tray Bake


What is Lantern Tray bake in case you wondering? Well, the only answer is that it’s the nectar of the gods that’s what it is. It has digestives, glace cherries, raisins, butter, condensed milk and lots and lots of chocolate in it and over it. What more do you need in a tray bake?

Why is it called Lantern? I’m not too sure. It one of the life’s mysteries. However, if someone does know why it’s called this I would love to know.

Award Winning?  Well, maybe not award winning, but it did get a Highly commended after I entered it into the ‘No Bake Tray Bake’ Class at my Local Agricultural Show! Given that I received this not long after having really taken up baking and cooking with enthusiasm I was very chuffed. Not bad for a newbie.

In fact, the Agri Show is really how I ended up with this recipe as I had been looking for a No Bake Tray Bake recipe that was slightly different. I kinda though a lot of people would enter the usual, Rocky Road and I didn’t want to go down that road ( See what I did??) A friends mum recommended this and provided me with the recipe from her recipe book (which I’m pretty sure it holds all the world secrets). Thanks Mary.

Here is the Proof!


The ingredients I needed were already in my store cupboard so by making this recipe it actually helped me to get the door closed for once! ( well until the next trip to the shops, I may have a slight problem with buying lots of baking goods).

I remembered to include butter in the pic!



8oz chocolate ( now I use milk chocolate but I bet it would taste fab with dark chocolate too!)

6oz Butter

I can only get condensed milk in 397 gram tins, however you will only need half of this. The original recipe stated “a small tin of condensed milk” but in the Supermarket I could only see the 397g tin and initially thought this was the small tin. Well, let just say when I made this for the very first time the mixture was very wet and needed to be kept in the fridge all the time in order for it to be solid enough to eat a piece. It was still yummy, but yeah don’t use the whole tin! You will only need half the tin of condensed milk which will be about 198g

You will also need 16oz digestives , 8oz Raisins, 4oz glace cherries (chopped).

And Yes, some more chocolate about 10 oz . “If you like a lot chocolate on your biscuit join our clubRemember that advert for Club biscuits, well this is my mantra for this recipe!

So in a reasonable size pan, melt the 8oz of chocolate and 6oz of butter over a low heat. Whilst this is melting, use a rolling pin and bash the digestives into some fine crumbs but rein in the aggression a bit as you should also leave some larger bits of biscuit too.

Once the chocolate and butter mix is melted, add the digestives then the raisins, chopped cherries and finally the condensed milk and mix them all together.

I then pressed the mixture into a 9x13x2 baking tray and melted the remaining 10oz chocolate over a bain-maire or simply put, in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. I then poured the melted chocolate over the top of the mixture in the tray. Now you don’t need to use all the chocolate ( or you could use more if you have a deeper tin), I love a lot of chocolate so I like the chocolate to not only cover the mixture but to have some depth to it, however I’m some what restricted as my tray isn’t that deep.

This will need to go into the refrigerator overnight until the chocolate is set. Then simply cut into squares, make yourself a cuppa tea  and enjoy.


Afterwards I got some help with “cleaning” the pans from my hubbie. He is really good at “washing up”!!

Eating the remaining mixture from the pan.

15 thoughts on “Award Winning Lantern Tray Bake

  1. Hi Kelly. I baked this last night and it’s absolutely delicious! I had three different types of cooking chocolate in the cupboard and not quite enough of each of them, so I used white chocolate in the mixture and a combination of plain and dark chocolate in the topping! It’s very tasty and it looks good too as the mixture is still the colour of the biscuits. Top tip – I lined the tin with cling film so I could lift the whole lot out and cut into slices. Thanks for sharing this recipe – I can see me making this regularly! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great! So glad you decided to give this recipe a go and enjoyed the results. I’ve never used lots of different type of chocolate before but will have to give this a try. Great way to use up chocolate leftovers. For all the times I have made this I’ve never thought to use cling film. That would make my life so much easier! I’ll remember that for next time. Thanks for letting me know how you got on. The problem with this recipe , is that one slice is never enough! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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