Scottish Style Meatballs

Still so hot you can see the steam rising off them. Oh and I bet you’re wondering what the black bits are!


My hubbie loves looking in the bargain or reduced section in supermarkets for…. well a bargain mainly cuts of meat or some sort of meat produce. He loves finding pork, lamb and venison, as these are meats that I don’t like, so obviously don’t eat. I think he feels quite extravagant buying full price cuts of meat just for himself, so buying from the bargain section means he gets away with buying a rack of lamb for himself!

Anyway, he bought himself some venison meatballs a few weeks ago and ferreted these away in the freezer. Last night was the night he was going to cook these, however I took it upon myself to cook these for him coming home in from work so he could then go for a wee jog before supper. Also I won’t eat Bambi, but unlike lamb I can at least stand the smell of cooking Bambi.

I fried the Bambi ( sorry venison ) meatballs in some olive oil in a frying pan for about 12 minutes, until golden brown and with no pink on the inside when I opened one up, all the while feeling like I was cheating  using meatballs that I didn’t make myself.

Whilst the meatballs were frying, I decided to make a sauce for the meatballs just using a basic sauce I would normally use for meat for a lasagne or Bolognese.

I chopped a clove of garlic, half an onion ( just because there was half an onion to be used up in the fridge), half a sweet pepper , as well as some left over red pepper ( same reason as the onion) and a couple of spring onions ( Ditto).

In a saucepan I heated up some olive oil, then added the onion and garlic, sautéed for a few minutes then I added the peppers and spring onions. I continued to sauté until peppers slightly more softened then I added a tin of chopped tomatoes ( about 4oog) and a vegetable stock cube ( I like to use the Knorr Vegetable stock pot) and stirred into the mixture until dissolved.

I think I’ll need to develop my photography skills of taking pics of very hot cooking food. This is the tomato sauce.


I wanted a bit of heat to the sauce, so I added some chilli flakes. Now I had intended to use a small amount, a pinch really however instead of taking a pinch out the jar or using my pinch spoon ( yes, I have a small spoon that gives the amount of a pinch that’s kinda sad isn’t it?) I tipped the jar over the pan to sprinkle straight from the jar, yeahhh well it was a bit of a whoops moment when a lot came out of the jar. Total rookie mistake. I would say it was probably slightly over 1/4 teaspoon, maybe not as much as half a teaspoon. I tasted it and immediately my mouth started to burn, I reckoned ( with fingers crossed) that it would be ok for hubbie as he likes spice and I tend to be a wimp. If its hot for me its fine for him…. hopefully.

I also added some basil ( I used dried as this was all I had) about a teaspoon and some salt and pepper. I then simmered this whilst the meatballs continued to fry. Once the meatballs were ready I then added them to the sauce and continued to simmer until the sauce had reduced. This was about a further 10 minutes.

I had no spaghetti, but I had giant pasta shells, rigatoni, macaroni and tagliatelle. After considering and quickly dismissing the idea of stuffing giant pasta shells with meatballs I settled on tagliatelle and cooked as per packet instructions.

I was feeling very efficient as supper was cooked before 4:30pm. Hubbie then came in, decided not to go for a jog. He had prior to this told me I needed to force him (not sure how a 5’1 petite girl can force a 5’10 rugby player) to go jogging twice a week, so I attempted some motivational ( maybe slightly aggressive) encouragement. However, he is very good at “puppy dog” eyes and I quickly gave into his compromise. His compromise was, he had already been jogging this week as well as rugger training and he would start jogging twice a week next week.  Not sure that’s a compromise.

Anyway, he was happy not to have to go jogging and happy his supper was cooked. But to my utter confusion he then starts the grill up and removes black pudding and Square ( Lorne) sausage from the fridge.

Me: ” Erm honey what’re you doing”

Hubbie:”I was going to have square sausage and black pudding along with the meatballs and also leave some for my pieces tomorrow”

To my utter horror and amazement he proceeded to cook the sausage and black pudding, then he chopped some of it up and added them to the meatballs and slightly ( ok maybe a lot) spicy tomato sauce on top of tagliatelle noodles.

Throughout watching this process I couldn’t make up my mind about whether my husband was actually an evil food genius or seriously deranged or both. But one thing was for sure, this could only happen in Scotland and will forever be known in our house as Scottish Style Meatballs.

P.S. In case you’re wondering he thought it was delicious and it wasn’t too spicy after all.

P.P.S. Also Lorne Sausage or Square Sausage is basically ground sausage meat in a square. Sorry I didn’t take any pics of this.

P.P.P.S. Sorry if this post has offended anyone’s food sensibilities, it certainly offended mine!!

8 thoughts on “Scottish Style Meatballs

  1. LOL, I wondered what that black was in the sauce, now I know, Men are funny creatures, I certainly can’t imagine eating all that together but as long as he was happy and enjoyed, it’s all good and kudos to you for cooking all that for him. You are a good sport. I’ve never eaten and I doubt I would ever eat venison. I feel the same way about rabbit.

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    1. I’ve don’t eat a lot of meat and I don’t eat venison, duck, lamb, veal, wild boar but hubbie loves all kinds of meat. I feel bad that a lot of the time we eat mainly veggie meals, so when he wants meat a lot of the time he goes all out! He is a growing boy, well a3 year old rugby playing farmer boy, so he probably needs the protein. Men are indeed funny creatures, well my one is anyway. But I love him all the same!

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    1. I can’t comment on taste as I really don’t like venison or black pudding, but hubby loved it! I think i’m still in shock about the amount of meat in it. It just needed washed down with some Irn Bru or Buck Fast to make it ultimate Scottish fare! Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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