No Churn Crunchie Ice Cream and No Scottish Summer!


I was very premature in thinking a couple of sunny days meant Summer had arrived and of course Summer meant eating ice lollys and ice cream to cool down with. Unfortuntely Scottish Summer lasted all of about 5 seconds and in the same day we had wind, rain and snow! It reeks havoc with my wardrobe decisions I tell ya!

However, while the sun was in the sky I did manage to whip up some home made no churn ice cream. I’m also fortunate that my hubbie will eat ice cream come sun, rain or snow. He has even been known to get an ice cream cone from the local ice cream shop on a Winters day and go for a walk eating his ice cream. According to him its the best time to eat ice cream because the temperature is so cold, it doesn’t melt and drip all over your hand before you’ve had a chance to eat it all! There is crazy logic there somewhere which has me thinking  ( and not for the first time) that hubbie is either an evil genius or slightly mad or,  since in most movies the evil genius that trys to take over the word is mad, both.

This is a great recipe if, like me, you don’t own an ice cream maker ( I stay in Scotland, so refer back to first paragraph for the reason why I don’t own one!).


600ml Double cream

200 grams of condensed milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla

3 crunchie bars ( chocolate covered honeycomb)

Combine the cream, condensed milk and vanilla in the mixing bowl on your stand mixer and mix until thick.

Place the crunchies in a sandwich bag and use a rolling pin to bash into chunks, a mix of big bits and small bits. Fold the crunchie bits into the cream/milk mixture.

Pour the mix into a container that you can put in the freezer. If you have crunchies left ( I didn’t) you could sprinkle some over the top before covering container with cling film and with the container lid. I usually place in the Freezer overnight.

The cream and condensed milk is your basic recipe, which you can add anything to, to make different flavours of ice cream such as the variations below:

Coffee: Make up some coffee and add a tablespoon or so ( dependant on your tastes and kind of coffee) to the cream and milk and mix together well until thick.

Chocolate: Add some cocoa powder, about 3/4 cup to the cream ( add more to taste depending on how rich you like your chocolate ice cream), condensed milk and vanilla, then mix well until thick. Fold in chopped chips.

Rocky Road: Make the chocolate ice cream. Fold in some chopped chips and/ or chopped nuts and bashed digestives to the mix along with mini marshmallows

Mint Choc Chip: Replace the vanilla with some peppermint extract and also add some green food colouring to the cream/ milk and mix well. Fold in some chopped chocolate or chocolate chips.

Caramel: Add some caramel sauce to the already mixed cream/milk mixture and fold well. You could add some salt too to make Salted Caramel.

Oreo: Fold in some bashed up Oreos to the basic ice cream mix.

Or just add your favourite sweetie or candy!



10 thoughts on “No Churn Crunchie Ice Cream and No Scottish Summer!

    1. Thank you. To be honest we get some lovely weather too, and the area I stay in on the East Coast is often referred to as the Biarritz of the North! Every time I head west towards Glasgow it always rains, despite it being dry and sunny in our corner! If you get the chance you should visit Scotland, lovely scenery, history and people!

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      1. you know sense the movie braveheart (100% sure you have watched it) i always want to visit scotland and i was about 10 when i watched first time ! is ridiculusi havent been yet speacialy after living in england for almost 10 years. but again is on my list and i will visit! i only ear and read good things about it 🙂 so one day i will and am sure to write about it 😀

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      2. You were so close as well living in England. Yes, I’ve seen Braveheart and even though it has a lot of historical inconsistencies ( my undergrad degree was History!) and some bits were filmed also in Ireland, its good that it has encouraged people to want to visit Scotland. Really good for the Tourist trade. There are so many places you could visit. I love visiting the Highlands and Islands, such as Skye, Orkney, Inverness., Mull of Kintyre….Beautiful scenery. I am lucky to stay where I do!

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  1. What sensible logic for eating an ice cream in winter! I’ve only recently discovered no churn ice-cream with condensed milk and know it will be a winner this summer. I like the idea of using crunchie bars. Last week I folded in some damson compote to make a ripple and I presume a not too sweet jam would work well too.

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    1. I bet the damson compote ripple ice cream tasted really good! I love that I don’t need to have an ice cream maker or have to make a custard in order to get good home made ice cream. Condensed milk is the best! My hubbies logic far too often makes perfect sense, but I wouldn’t be telling him that!


  2. what a fab dessert! We have the opposite problem here in Sydney: summer just won;t leave. It has been months on end of warm weather. Still waiting for the cool autumn weather to arrive. Swap?

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