Sorry guys, its been so long since I last blogged, in fact its been so long since I did any baking worth posting about. Since returning from my holidays I have been buried under the research for my dissertation and I recently started a new job, so as you can imagine I’m slightly ( read very) stressed. Just thought i’d let you know that I was here, but not really here. The temptation is to get immersed in my blog and other blogs when I have a difficulty with my dissertation rather than persevering but this is false logic as I fall further behind my timetable, with time running out fast. I hope you all understand and can forgive my absence for a wee while I be very selfish,lock myself in my study and drink copious amount of coffee!

In the meantime here’s some of my holiday pictures…..

SAM_7334Guess where this is??


Fancy a bath anyone?


Lovely weather! We also copied the sheep and sheltered behind the standing stones!


Lots of programmes and films filmed here including Harry Potter!



Of course, we had to take a walk over fields to see the cows,the quality of land and crops growing nearby… oh and a nosy to see what other farmers are doing!


We also walked up hills to see the White horses ( and to have a look at the what the farmers were doing in the field below!)






7 thoughts on “Sorry….

    1. Thank you, it really was a beautiful holiday and a great way to relax before the new job and doing my dissertation.I hope you doing good. I may not be able to pop in past your blog much at the moment but still thinking of you. Take care

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  1. Life gets in the way of blogging for all of us but responsibilities always come first and we all understand. Absolutely loved your holiday photos. I’m been missing as well as I’ve had surgery on both eyes and couldn’t use my computer because of the light.


  2. I just realized I hadn’t popped by for awhile! Marvelous photos – that last, wow!!! Keep your nose to the grindstone as they say here, and maybe there, too! I’ll cross my fingers for you!!!



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