Disclaimer/ Warning: Some pretty dodgy and unflattering photos. This in no way is the Cranachan’s fault but rather this blogger’s ineptitude at photography, along with lack of space and light in the kitchen! Please note I did also over whip the cream.


As I stated in today’s ” Burns Night Supper” post I made a Scottish dessert called a Cranachan to follow the haggis, neeps and tatties.

This is such a simple and quick recipe with only 5 ingredients, of which you more than likely have three of them in your cupboard right now.  Even in my cooking-phobic years (that’s totally a thing) I would make this and not get stressed out by it because its so easy. So easy really, it probably does not need a whole blog post!

Ingredients ( Roughly 4 portions)

80 grams of porridge oats

250 grams of Raspberries ( washed)- although you can add more or less.

300 grams of double cream

3 tablespoons of honey ( clear or heather, whatever you have really will do)

3 tablespoons of good quality malt whisky -well it is a Scottish dessert after all! You may want to start with one tablespoon and add more to taste. I have found other peoples versions of Cranachan the whisky varies greatly!

Oh and please ask the whisky drinker of the house before raiding and using the whisky stash. I made the mistake before of using some of hubbies “guid” whisky in a BBQ sauce and he was very unhappy about it ( it was an amazing BBQ sauce though!)  He has since struggled to purchase any more of that particular kind which has disappointed him greatly. Ironically for the Cranachan, I used a Japanese whisky that had been languishing in the cupboard and which hubbie deemed acceptable for cooking with. Obviously one he doesn’t drink then!

Or to save any hassle you could just buy a miniature of whisky instead.


Lightly toast the porridge oats for about 5 minutes or so, until you can smell them ( a nutty toasty smell… if that makes sense??). I did this on the hob using a crepe pan, however I’m sure it could be done in the oven too.

Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks and try not to over whip like I did… and I said it was easy.Maybe I should have said, yes it’s easy but don’t get distracted by other things like I did! Pay attention to the mixer.

Keep back some of the raspberries to use as decoration. Add the rest of the raspberries to the cream, add the honey, whisky  and oats and carefully fold these into the cream.

Although I had Cranachan where the raspberries and oats were omitted from the cream and instead the separate elements layered  in the glass e.g add the cream/honey/whisky  mix into a glass, then some raspberries, then oats and repeat. The layers do look really pretty in glasses done this way, but it takes a bit more time and I’m more of a clash everything together quickly kinda gal!

Decant into serving glasses, you don’t need a huge amount three – four tablespoons of the mixture into each is a nice amount after a heavy meal. Also with whisky flavoured foods, I find it can be overpowering if there is too much of it. Add raspberries on top. Maybe add some oats if you have some left over or a dribble of honey.

It does taste a lot better than it looks, but if you don’t believe me then please give it a try.


12 thoughts on “Cranachan

  1. Whenever we eat this on Burns Night, I wonder why we don’t eat it more often because it’s delicious (what’s not to like about raspberries, cream and whisky?). This year I pureed some of the raspberries to fold into the cream, which made a nice change.

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  2. Oh I missed Burns night!! Every year I think I want to make an effort to remember to celebrate next year (in honor of my Scots ancestry) and every year I forget, darn it! I need to check in more often. I’m not much of a whiskey drinker but have always wanted to try this dessert! I like what you said about serving just a bit and with a lot of whipped cream, lol!! Yer puir husband – using up all the good stuff! (did I say that right??!!)


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    1. We sometimes forget too! At one time we used to go to organised burns suppers where they would pipe in the haggis, and have all the different toasts ( the immortal memory, toast to the lassies etc) and then ceilidh dancing but not so much nowadays. I’m not much of a whisky drinker either, but hubby is hence his reaction to using up the guid stuff! Yup you said it right. Do you know where about your family were originally from in Scotland? xx

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      1. I do, but I can’t remember the town, tho. I’ll have to look it up. I only know where one branch is from, though. Oh, and there house is still standing!! From like the 1600’s…They called it an “estate” but it’s a small white washed stone house. One side was like a barn and the other the house.

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      2. Its great that your family’s house is still standing. You should come for a visit! Sounds like your family were crofters with that style of housing. Family history is so interesting. As far as we can find my family has always lived in Scotland but hubbies family are from Ireland, only 4 generations back. xx

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  3. I’m always happy to learn a little more of your traditional foods. I’d not heard of Cranachan but it does sound like something I would enjoy.


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