Over Thirties shopping……



So yesterday I went shopping. No not clothes shopping, not shoe shopping or even handbag shopping…… I went shopping for Utensils! Yup utensils and not just any utensil, I went Whisk shopping.

You see, I seem to have come to a point in my life where I love shopping for kitchenware, and bakeware. Maybe it’s because I am now in my thirties. My twenty-year old self and even my 27 year old self certainly would have certainly recoiled in horror at the thought of shopping for any kitchenware and if they had had to do it they definitely would not have taken any enjoyment from it. In fact, I know they would have left it up to my other half, dumping him in the nearest kitchen section of Tesco and immediately finding the nearest Topshop.

It could also be because I have now taken an interest in actually cooking food, recipes and baking and derive enjoyment from doing this now. Hence, I need proper and good quality (no more cheap kitchenware from Tesco!) equipment to be able to be accurate with recipes and to actually do specific cooking techniques and steps in recipes and also to try and do it well. One of the reasons my first major purchase at the beginning of my baking journey was a free standing electric mixer!

Also I have found that there are some really pretty, colourful and jazzy kitchenware and bakeware ranges available. I love browsing the kitchen section of TK Maxx to find different and cute kitchenware, often getting good brands at bargain prices. I’m no longer looking for bargain shoes but bargain Le Creuset!

I have even come to the point that I love receiving kitchenware as gifts. Now, I remember my hubbie telling me a story that used to horrify me. It was about when his father went to an  Agricultural show for the day leaving his mum ( who was pregnant with one of his brothers) at home. To his credit, his father brought her home a present……….. a brand new frying pan. Apparently she was over the moon with this frying pan present and still has it to this day .  When I heard this story for the first time, at 18 years old I made it clear to my hubbie ( well he was my boyfriend at the time)  that this type of present would not fly with me.  Well well well changed days since then, as I was over the moon when I received two pretty storage cake tins filled with baking ingredients for my birthday and an apron and skillet for my Christmas

So, Whisk shopping……… I have a fab whisk already. It’s a Jamie Oliver stainless steel balloon whisk and we actually got it as part of a set for a wedding gift. 5 years later it is still going strong and I use it for everything from whisking eggs in measuring jugs, cheese sauce in saucepans and ingredients for pancakes in mixing bowls.

I love my whisk , not as much as I love my hubbie, but it’s getting pretty close. However, I have found it cannot be in two places at the same time!  I often find myself using it, placing it to be washed then realising I need a whisk for another component of a recipe. This means I have to stop what I’m doing and wash the whisk in order to use it, which I find quite frustrating.

Is it just me that feels like this? Or are you thinking, “lazy besom”?

I may well be, but when I’m in my cooking zone ( similar to the danger zone) I have a system and being new to cooking I feel better following my system e,g Having all my ingredients measured out in bowls prior to starting and having all my equipment laid out and within reaching distance.  I just want to get on with what I’m doing without interruption as there is enough that can go wrong with my cooking without being distracted over not having a clean whisk to hand!

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant!

Anyways, in my local town there is a cool shop that sells funky, quirky, and innovative kitchen ware and utensils.  I could live in this shop. I could buy everything in this shop. So this was where I headed to yesterday to purchase my back up whisk.  I had had my heart set on another stainless steel balloon whisk, after all why change a a habit of a lifetime..… well a habit of 5 years. But the lovely woman in the shop then introduced me to the Joseph Joseph Twist 2-in-1 Silicone Whisk and I found I just had to have one.

Why did I have to have one?

Doesn’t quite go with the rest of the Utensils!


Well, 1) because it is basically two whisks in one, a flat whisk and a balloon whisk so covers all types of whisking from sauces to egg whites.

2) It can be easily stored in a drawer, so if you are like me and have small kitchen where space is at premium and your utensil jar is overflowing this should be ideal.

3) It is also supposed to be able to heat resistant to 270°celsuis.

4) oh it is pretty [ and] colourful!

5) I’m pretty susceptible to advertising. I can’t watch an advert without immediately wanting the food or product being advertised, I’m a marketers dream.

Is it sad that I’m kinda excited to start using this?  But at the same time I don’t want to use it as I like to keep my stuff looking pretty and new. I remember a time when I used to be like this with my new shoes!

See if you can spot the Whisk in my future posts. A bit like  ” Where’s Wally?”

**** Please note I have no association with Joseph Joseph nor anything to do with  advertising.  This is merely the whisk I ended up purchasing ****