Hall of Fail

This is a homage to my cooking failures and disasters. I felt that since I’d made the effort, and used up a number of ingredients in these efforts,  failed recipes needed to be credited, no matter how hideous looking or god awful tasting they are.

Also I’m not perfect, cooking isn’t perfect and life isn’t perfect. It actually freaks me out when I see cooking and baking photos where the products and goods are all perfect and shiny looking, almost as if they’ve been airbrushed within an inch of their life. I’m sure it does happen.. to other people’s baking, not to mine.

I’m new to baking so of course I don’t know everything there is to know about baking or all the scientific knowledge or reasoning behind it, so inevitably I will make mistakes and I’m ok with that. Its a learning curve and I enjoy learning curves. Whilst I was despairing to my hubbies gran about my poor scone making skills, and getting much needed advice, she even admitted that her scones sometimes go wrong too and she has been baking since 19 oatcake! Even experts made mistakes.

If you cook, you will inevitably fail ( at some point ), so instead of giving up and chucking your cookbooks in the bin, along with the latest cooking disaster, scroll on through my failures, have a wee giggle to yourself, remind yourself others make mistakes too and that’s it’s not the end of the world if you effort does not look like the picture in the cookbook. Just dust the icing sugar off and try again.

Oh and if you want to, please post a picture of your ‘Hall of Fail’ in the comments section. I would love to see them! There are no judgements here!

So starting from 1st February 2017 my failures will be posted below…….

  1. Monster Cookies so called because erm… well they’re green! This happens whilst making regular white choc chip cookies and you have the brilliant brainwave of adding some food colouring to see what happens. I’m sure an expert baker would be able to tell me why this happened at the same time rolling their eyes in scorn at my novice antics.By the way the food colouring was in fact red and not green! Despite looking like something that has lingered too long in the back of the fridge these still tasted good.


Exhibit 1: Monster cookies





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