Friday Night Frights

Note to hubby on boiler room door so as not to disturb the dough

So hubby went away to watch a rugger match last night ( in fact it could have been two matches?) Anyway this required him to drive to the Wild Wild West ( Glasgow area)  using our one and only vehicle. This left me stranded in the Scottish wilderness, ok it’s not quite the wilderness, but to get to the edge of town I’d have to walk 3 miles. And then 3 miles back. 6 miles walking…. (see i’m real good at maths!) ………erm wasn’t gonna happen.

I didn’t have time to go shopping. I had a lovely meal with an old work colleague which required an hour drive there, 2 1/2 hour lunch and gossip session, then another 1 hour drive back to drop off the car in time for hubby to then use the car.

Fortunately I’d had the thought about supper prior to leaving for lunch ( what?) and upon examining what I had in my cupboards, I decided to make home made pizza.

I used the Pioneer Woman recipe for pizza dough as follows…..


Add 4 cups of flour and 1 teaspoon of salt to your stand mixer bowl and mix ( I just use a spatula, and not the mixer at the moment). Add 1 teaspoon of yeast to 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Leave for a minute or two, then stir gently. Then put the mixer on low and slowly add 1/3 cup of extra virgin oil to the flour/salt mix. Then add the yeast/water mix to the flour. It should all come together as a ball on the dough hook. Once this happens , add the dough to a bowl that has been drizzled with extra virgin oil, cover with a moist towel and place in warm place.

After whipping some up, I placed it in the boiler cupboard to rise and went on my merry little way rocking out to Lynyrd Skynyrd. How  awesome is driving to Free Bird?

Anyway I seem to have a real problem with dough, the majority of times I have made home made pizza it’s been a disaster. I have been able to make the perfect pizza, ONCE!  So not really sure why I choose to make pizza last night. Ever the optimist I suppose or pure stubbornness to get it right ! Or maybe my craving for Dominos and knowing I wasn’t going to get a Dominos ( when I have a car, its 20 minutes away, without a car its the other end of the Universe!)

Anyway disaster dough…… well the dough tends not to rise. I place it in the warmest place in the house too and it still doesn’t rise and due to this, obviously it can’t be used.

I also thought it was the tub of yeast being open for too long, so I bought individual sachets instead, but nope still didn’t work.

It could be that our house, even with heating on, can be soooo cold at times.  So cold that in winter if you leave the butter out in the kitchen it won’t soften very well, let alone produce enough heat to get the dough to rise. I have placed the bowl on top of radiators before!

However, on this occasion the dough appeared to have risen, not necessarily double in size, but definitely more so than on other occasions!!  Whoop Whoop [victory dance].

I then happily squashed it out onto the pizza tray, added some BBQ sauce and then some grated Mull of Kintyre Scottish Cheese. Pioneer woman states to put it into a 500° F Oven , but my  oven only goes up  to 43o° F. I checked after 8 mins, then put it in for another 4 mins, then another 2 mins. The crust and topping looked cooked however when I cut the pizza open, the crust was still quite doughy inside. So back in the oven for another 4 mins, erm…. still not quite right still, so back in for another 2 mins and then another 2 mins. At this point, though the topping was slightly burnt, but the dough was cooked just right.

*Sigh* Will I ever get this right?? Something goes wrong each time!

I did manage to power though and eat 3 slices, but a very disappointing 3 slices and it ruined my enjoyment of re-watching season 2 of True Blood! Hubby came home at late o’clock and devoured a couple of slices, so it didn’t all go to waste!

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to make my own homemade pizza???? I want to crack the dough making, so I can make other dough related foods like Cinnamon Rolls.

Advice from expect dough makers appreciated!